InLight’s Management Team

Stefan Pacula - Managing Director


Stefan Pacula serves as Managing Director of InLight LED Solutions and prior served as the Managing Partner for over 5 years within the multi-res industry.  Stefan has extensive experience in the LED retrofit business providing tailor made, detailed solutions for over 300 projects. He understands the customer’s needs and is committed to doing Retrofits right the first time using only quality Tier 1 products backed by the industries best warranties.

Bryan Watson - Director of Operations


Bryan Watson is Director of Operations for InLight LED Solutions Inc. Bryan is a Master Electrician and has been in the lighting industry for 30+ years.  Bryan has extensive experience in LED lighting having worked in the industry for the past 10 years. He is dedicated to providing the best solution to Retrofit projects using top quality Tier 1 products, which are backed by some of the industry’s best warranties.

Cassandra Byrnes - Administrative Manager


Cassandra Byrnes is Administrative Manager for InLight LED Solutions. Cassandra has over 20 years of office administration experience and is devoted to operating an efficient workplace by overseeing all day to day operations. She is here to help with all admin questions.

Carter Price - Energy Specialist


Carter Price is InLights Energy Specialist.  Carter has over 5 years of auditing & IESO experience.  He is prepared to audit your facitlity, plus get you the best government rebate possible. 

Chris Brasseur - Project Manager


Chris Brasseur is the Project Manager for InLight. Chris is a licensed 309A Journeyperson Electrician, with over 15 years electrical experience and 4 years with lighting installations, upgrades and controls. He is here to help your next project go smoothly. 

InLight’s Sales Team

Neil Denney - Director of Sales & Marketing


Neil Denney serves as Sales & Marketing Director for InLight LED Solutions and has held senior sales and marketing positions throughout his 23 year career. Neil strives to understand the unique requirements of each of his customers and follows through with tailored customer solutions. He is commited to cultivating mutually beneficial relationships through offering outstanding customer service and quality Tier 1 projects.

Ozzie Edan - Account Manager


Ozzie Edan is a results driven sales executive striving to consistently bring value, challenge the status quo and bring innovative lighting solutions to organizations. Ozzie is a skilled licensed journeyman electrician with a demonstrated history of over 18 years field experience.  He brings his passion for sustainability while solving problems and making an impanct to businesses…one LED at a times!

Liam Fleet - Sales Representative


Liam is a sales representative and valuable member of the InLight team.  Liam brings five years of experience in dealing with multi-residential and commerical clients.  Liam focuses on business development, as well as, client satisfaction and project execution from conception to completion. 

Inside Sales