Warehouse Solutions

Customized Plans For Your Company’s Unique Needs

Canadian warehouse operators are constantly challenged with increased overhead costs in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace. One of the greatest overhead costs in a warehouse is hydro-electrical. The largest percentage of the hydro-electrical load in a warehouse is lighting. InLight helps its clients reduce energy costs by replacing high wattage fluorescent and metal halide fixtures in their high bay, office and exterior spaces with energy efficient and maintenance free LED fixtures.

Many of our clients save thousands of dollars a month upon completion of the retrofit and pay the project off between 8 to 24 months.

Our hassle-free installation process includes:

  • A complimentary detailed lighting audit of your facility
  • Upon completion of the audit we will provide you with an accurate proposal which, includes the projects: capital cost, rebate $ amount, annual energy savings, ROI calculations, and if required financing terms.
  • We complete all government rebate applications and ESA permits on your behalf.
  • We purchase, install and license all LED lamps and fixtures and dispose of all old components in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We warranty all products and workmanship on each project with the best in the industry terms.