What you need to know.

InLight were presenters at Springfest PM 2019; detailing what you need to know prior to starting a LED lighting project.  

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Listed below are a few commonly asked questions our clients ask.  Feel free to contact us with any other question you may have regarding LED Lighting by Clicking Here.

Q – How do you calculate Annual Energy Dollar Savings by switching to LED Lighting?

A -Annual energy dollar savings are calculated as follows:

First, we calculate the current energy consumption for your building’s lighting by:

  • Totalling the weekly hours of operation per fixture X current installed lighting wattage X the kilowatt hour $ rate (kWr)
  • We then multiply the weekly rate by 52 weeks to calculate the annual rate per fixture.
  • We then complete the same calculation for each of the fixtures in the building and add them together to obtain your entire buildings annual lighting energy consumption.

Once we have calculated the current energy consumption, we then calculate the proposed LED replacement annual energy consumption. Finally, we subtract your current annual energy consumption by the proposed annual LED energy consumption to arrive at your annual energy savings.

Q: Who completes the rebate applications and how are they calculated?

A – InLight completes all rebate applications on your behalf. Our experienced staff will work with the government agency to maximize the amount of rebate dollars through a prescriptive, custom or a combination track.   For updates and more information on Ontario’s Save On Energy Program for Business Retrofits please click on the following link https://bit.ly/2yoPtWR

Q: Does InLight offer a financing option to cover the upfront capital cost?

A – Yes! InLight is partnered with DLL Financial https://dllgroup.com/ca/en-CA who provide excellent terms and rates for our clients. Financing your retrofit is an excellent option, allowing our clients to pay a monthly installment which is almost always less than their monthly hydro savings creating positive monthly cash flows.